O Solo Mio!

21 November, 2016

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December 5th 2016. Could Italy be the next domino to fall ? A few facts to start with. Italy's economic growth has been slower than an escargot for over a decade, so slow in fact, that the woeful economy of Japan has out- paced that if Italy.... Read More

Black Tie Bingo Fundraising Event

14 November, 2016

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Robert, Diane and Vanessa Roby, with friends Sue Wong, Brian Lee and Bonnie Bowie

November 14, 2016 – Over 330 elegant bingo players gathered for the annual Black Tie Bingo! Fundraiser last Saturday. The third edition of this event was a huge success raising an impressive $63,000 for the Eldercare Foundation of Ottawa and the OutC... Read More

For A Future You Can Count On - Watch Video!

8 November, 2016

Creating wealth is simple, but it’s not easy. It’s not easy, because there are headwinds that are out of your control. Or are they?... Read More

Will it be Hillary or Donald?

3 November, 2016

Will it be Hillary or Donald? What an election campaign! Or should I say, what a run-away train! With only a few days left until the big day, who will win?... Read More

US Elections and Markets 2016

21 October, 2016

History shows an interesting relationship between market volatility and Presidential campaigns... Read More

Black Tie Bingo: Reserve Your Tickets Today!

19 October, 2016

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This year’s Black Tie Bingo will take place at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre.... Read More

A Record Breaking Bull Market? Not Really! Get Ready for the Bear.

8 September, 2016

A bull stock market is everyone’s favorite animal until the bear shows up and creates havoc, especially for those investors who treat the market like a casino.  So, how does this stock market run compare to the Bull markets of the past and what we can...... Read More

Making Sense of the New CPP Legislation

12 July, 2016

Last month, Canada’s finance ministers reached an agreement, historic according to some, to expand the benefits of the 44 billion-per-year Canada Pension Plan. The CPP was originally enacted to provide 25% of what actuaries felt would be a comfortable...... Read More

The Exit of Britain from the EU. Folly or Brilliant?

24 June, 2016

The British have once again stood their ground, and have voted for sovereignty control from what they feel is an oppressive European Union and for this I congratulate them. Perhaps, this is just the beginning, as Sweden ,Scotland , France and others ...... Read More

Opportunity Knocks one last time in 2016; Tax Sheltering Strategies not to be missed!

16 June, 2016

The Federal Government has passed into law certain changes to Universal Life (UL) Insurance Policies that will significantly curtail the amount of money that can be invested and tax sheltered within these policies. Robert Roby and Betty-Anne Howard had...... Read More

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