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8 November, 2016

Creating wealth is simple, but it’s not easy. It’s not easy, because there are headwinds that are out of your control. Or are they?... Read More

Two Princes and the Law of Intestacy

2 May, 2016

Famed musician Prince died recently and tragically. Apparently he also died intestate, that is, without a will. It’s my guess that a lot of lawyers in Minnesota are going to be making a lot of money for the next few years.  Why? Well, the law of Minnesota...... Read More

Is Pre-Paying for Funeral Expenses Wise?

10 September, 2015

The obvious advantage is that you are locking in your costs, thus, saving on future cost increases for the same services.  On the other hand, the disadvantages include giving the funeral home your money for decades without any monetary return of substance....... Read More

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