Oil may never return to $100 a barrel.

16 October, 2015

According to a report on the CBC, Canada has the third highest oil reserves in the world. While this may sound fine and dandy for many, I am of the persuasion that what matters the most, is how much of this oil is reliable. The CBC reported on August...... Read More

Eight Ways to Create Meaningful Wealth

9 October, 2015

Everywhere you turn, we hear about the costs of mutual funds and other investment vehicles. While cost is a factor when making investment decisions, it is by no means the most important factor.  1. COMPETENT INDEPENDENT ADVICE  Would you only go to one...... Read More

How Rising Interest Rates Can Affect The Stock Markets

2 October, 2015

The most common effect of increasing interest rates is to control inflation. Inflation is caused by having too much demand for goods for too little supply which causes prices to increase. By tightening the availability of money to purchase goods, inflation...... Read More

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