Honors & Awards

WP Canadian Multi-Service Advisor of the year finalist
May 2016
This award is presented to the advisor who the independent judges have reviewed as being the elite advisor who holds multiple licences including securities, insurance and health.

WP Canadian Best Advisor Independent Practice of the year finalist
June 2017
This award is presented to whom the independent judges feel, are the best advisors among the multitude of applicants. This award is especially gratifying as being independent is in my opinion one of the key factors in creating meaningful wealth.

IPC Securities. Best Client Experience Award Nationally
September 2017
Awarded to Family Tree and the Roby Team as having provided the best client experience in services and communications.

Top 50 Wealth Advisors In Canada
January 2016
This recognition is testimony to the years of hard work by our team and the incredible loyalty demonstrated by our clients, without whom, this would not have been possible.

Wealth Professional Multi-advisor Finalist In Canada
Wealth Professional
September 2015

This recognition was a combination of client reviews and a case study independently reviewed by one of Canada's leading legal firms, an economist from Queen's University and an industry leader.

WP Industry Icon 2015
Wealth Professional
October 2015

Recently showcased in the industry icon section of Wealth Professional, underscores the relationships we have developed with our clients in the past 25 years. The article entitled: " The Human Touch" can be read under publications.

Dalbar Financial Professional Seal
Dalbar Group
June 2004

This prestigious recognition is determined after a rigorous independent review with each client including our services, best practices and offerings compared to thousands of other advisors nation wide. We were selected in the top 10 percent of all practices in Canada.

Professional Advisor Of the Year
Orleans Chamber Of Commerce
October 2003

Presented to the advisory meeting the highest standards in client service based on a survey completed with each client. Client recognitions are the most rewarding as they reflect what we do on a daily basis to maximize our clients wealth and retirement.