Denis Chaine

Denis’ introduction to Logan Katz was a job interview with partners Dave Logan and Gary Katz. That was in 1994 and the confidence they each immediately felt in one another’s professional abilities and capacity to work well together continues to grow every day. It just works. And so does Denis, as any colleague and client will attest. He is an exceptionally hard-working person – traits that combine positively with his intelligence, perceptiveness and affinity for clients and the many reasons they choose to engage Logan Katz. He continuously seeks opportunities to determine just how the firm can be more and bring more to clients.

Denis appreciates that clients entrust him to manage important aspects of their lives. He is a professional who cares about people and, whenever possible, brings added benefit to those he serves. He is attentive to what you tell him and to opportunities and incentives that might be available to you through effective tax planning. Over the years, Denis has developed a unique expertise in the area of taxation of and benefits for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Denis is President of Le Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la capitale nationale and a former member of United Way Ottawa’s community services cabinet.
He will be pleased to serve you in either of the two official languages.

Denis is almost as busy in his personal life as he is in his professional life. In addition to spending time with his wife and keeping up with their three children, he enjoys playing tennis and socializing with close friends.

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