7 June, 2017

Are You Getting the Wool Pulled over your Eyes?

Rarely does a day go by when we don’t’ hear so-called “investment experts” pontificating about getting in and out of the markets as if they have some kind of superpowers that can make the correct calls on a consistent basis. Not only is this impossible but it defies any form of logic based on market history. The chart below provides the empirical proof that it's impossible to consistently time the markets. If so, I would suggest that they and we would all be billionaires.

But, is it possible, that crystal balling is more profitable to the traders than advising you to stick to a tried and long –term strategy? I think you know the answer to that. The best way to avoid having your behavioral buttons activated by these “fortune” tellers is to simply ignore their baloney and stick to the tried and true. If on the other hand, you have no defined wealth strategy, chances are, you are ripe for a fleecing.

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Robert F. Roby CPCA, CDS